Intuned is the browser automation platform for developers and product teams. Follow this step by step tutorial to build, deploy, and call your first browser automaton project on Intuned.

1. Create a workspace

Contact us to create a workspace. Its free to try! A workspace is the top level logical entity allows you to govern access control over your Intuned resources. To read more, checkout Workspace.

2. Create a project

Projects are the core building block in Intuned. Each workspace can have one or more projects. Use a project to build a scraper or, an automation or an integration with website that lacks APIs.

Open your workspace and create a new project with name new-project. New Project

3. Create Books API

APIs are the building blocks of your project. They are the functions that you will call to interact with the browser.

4. Run the API

Test your API in the Intuned IDE.

5. Deploy it

Intuned enabled you to deploy your project with a click of a button. Lets do it! Deploy

To learn more about deployments, checkout Deployments.

6. Call your API

Now that your project API is deployed you have multiple ways to call it. You can call the API directly or schedule a job to run it at a specific time. For now, we will call the API directly.