Building integrations and scrapers when official APIs are not available is not easy..

Intuned is a platform to develop, deploy, and monitor reliable browser automation when official APIs are not available - Reliability Powered by AI.

Intuned’s automation projects are code-based functions, written in typescript and work by interacting with a browser via a powerful runtime (playwright + @intuned/sdk). We have an automation IDE to make the development of those projects easier, we also handle (deploying)[/docs/platform/deploy] them and exposing them as APIs for easy consumption. You also get monitoring out of the box! Last but not least, we have a deep focus on reliability and we use AI to do that.

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How does it work

The steps below describe how the Intuned platform works at a high level.


Intuned platform has an IDE built to speed up the process of building browser automations. Intuned IDE comes with custom features like action recording, selector creator and more! To learn more checkout Develop.


Intuned’s projects can be deployed to with a single click and within a minute. To learn more checkout Deploy.


Start consuming your projects by making API calls directly or scheduling jobs for scraping tasks. To learn more checkout Consume


Get proactive alerts on failures - with access to previous runs’ traces, recordings, and results. To learn more checkout Monitor

Why Intuned?

Reliability powered by AI

Scalable and turnkey infrastructure

Out-of-the-box monitoring

Powerful SDK for browser automation

Built in authentication infrastructure

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