What is Intuned?

Intuned is the browser automation platform for developers and product teams. Our mission is to bridge the API gap when official APIs are not available. Developers use Intuned to develop, deploy, and monitor reliable browser automations.

Projects in Intuned

What is an Intuned project?

A Project is a set of APIs and settings that are encapsulated as a single entity. A project can be created, edited, and deployed.

  • Projects have names, and each project’s name should be unique within the workspace.
  • Projects need to be deployed to be consumed and used.

What is an API in Intuned?

Intuned projects consist of a set of APIs. An API is a function that can be called to execute a specific action or extract specific data. You define APIs within Intuned projects as code.

Authenticated projects in Intuned

To extract data or take actions on behalf of a user, APIs needs to work in the context of a user. To obtain user context, you must be authorized to log into the target service with the user’s identity (Auth Session). Intuned streamlines creating and maintaining authenticated integrations.

Can an project have Authenticated and Non-Authenticated APIs?

Authentication adds overhead to API executions. For this reason, we recommend that a project’s APIs are all authenticated or all unauthenticated.

Workspace in Intuned

A workspace is the top-level logical entity that allows you to govern access control over your Intuned resources. Each workspace can have more than one project, and multiple users can be in the same workspace. In general, we recommend that a single company or team share a workspace.

Can a user have access to more than one workspace?

Yes, users have access to more than one workspace. Once logged in, you can switch between the workspaces they are a member of.

Consuming a project

Once a project is deployed, it can be consumed by directly calling the APIs within the project or using Jobs and Queues as a way to orchestrator calling these APIs.

Sync API

HTTP API that can be called synchronously. A synchronous API will return the result of the run in the same HTTP call that triggered the run.

Async API

HTTP API that can be called asynchronously. This means that the API will return a run id that can be used to check the status/result of the run.

Jobs API

Jobs are a higher-level abstraction on top of the APIs. One of the main use cases for it is scrapers that need to run regularly. Jobs can be created, deleted, and triggered via the Jobs API or Intuned’s UX.

Each job has a schedule (when to run), a sink (where to send data to), a configuration (how to run), and a payload (what to run).

Monitoring in Intuned

Intuned provides a monitoring functionality that allows you to monitor the usage and reliability of your projects.