Pricing is one of the most challenging aspects in building a product, we are always looking to iterate on and improve our pricing. If you think any part of our current pricing doesn’t work for you, contact us and we would love to figure it out.

Intuned is the browser automation platform for developers and product teams. Developers use Intuned to develop, deploy, and monitor reliable browser automations.

Our pricing model is designed to offer flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of different users, from early-stage startups to growing teams and enterprises. We offer a hybrid pricing model that combines a base subscription fee with a pay-as-you-go component.

This page introduces the elements of Intuned pricing and gives you the information you need to estimate costs for your implementation.

Pricing elements

Compute cost

Intuned projects are deployed to microVMs that run on Compute cost will be accrued based on the time a deployed machine is up and running in your workspace.

Every project has configurable settings to control the number of replicas and the size of the machine you wish to deploy. The price changes based off of the machine you select, see the table below to understand the different machines available for you.

shared-cpu-2x2 shared1GBPrice
shared-cpu-4x4 shared2GBPrice
shared-cpu-8x8 shared4GBPrice

Learn more about how projects are deployed in Intuned.

AI spend

Leveraging AI building blocks is an integral part of our offering. Today, we end up managing the cost of the AI models you may be leveraging. However in the future, we plan on allowing you to bring your own keys. So in the mean time, we will only charge your utilization to cover our costs.

Here is a quick summary of models we support, and their current costs.

ModelInput /1k tokensOutput /1k tokens

File data processing

The process of converting a file to a consumable data format (markdown, json, text) will cost $0.03 per page within that file.

Any AI utilization to extract data from the processed file will accrue towards AI spend.

Deployed machines

Intuned projects are deployed to microVMs that run on Additionally, every project has configurable settings to control the number of replicas and the size of the machine you wish to deploy. Each plan will have a cap in terms of the number of deployed machine you can have.

Learn more about how many deployed machines are available in each plan.

Auth sessions

Intuned allows you to create and manage an authenticated session to take actions on behalf of the user.

Every instance of a user you impersonate on a site should be 1 authenticated session. Learn more about how many auth sessions are available in each plan.

Orchestration units

Intuned allows you to create jobs and queues to help you orchestrate all of your browser automations.

Every active job or queue counts as an orchestration unit. Learn more about how many orchestration units are available in each plan.

Flexible credit

Every plan includes flexible credit in USD, that can be directly utilized for compute, AI, and file processing spend.

Learn more about monitoring usage and credit utilization. INSERT LINK HERE

Pricing Plans

Each plan has a base subscription fee which comes with flexible credits and some feature limitations. Given that we’re early on, this tiered based approach will allow us to grow with you.

Starter Plan

Great for early-stage startups attempting to discover PMF.

Plan includes:

  • $100 of flexible credit, then pay as you go
  • Up to 20 deployed machines
  • Up to 50 orchestration units
  • Up to 50 auth sessions

Plan costs: $200/month

Business Plan

Perfect for teams scaling their browser automation. Flexible credits can be added.

Plan includes:

  • $300 of flexible credit, then pay as you go
  • Up to 100 deployed machines
  • Up to 300 orchestration units
  • Up to 200 auth sessions

Plan costs: $600/month

Enterprise Plan

For teams with more security, support, and performance needs, our enterprise plan is coming soon.

Plan includes:

  • Custom amount of flexible credit
  • Professional services
  • SSO, Audit logs, etc.
  • Custom resources

Plan costs: Custom pricing

Incubator discount

Contact us and get a friendly startup discount.