Intuned’s browser automations are code-based, utilizing the Playwright framework as the underlying technology. Playwright is a Node.js library that enables browser automation through a single API. If you are looking to perform browser automation using Playwright, Intuned is an excellent platform to facilitate that.


Intuned also provides the @intuned/sdk, a library built on top of Playwright, extending its capabilities by offering powerful helpers designed for common browser automation tasks. The @intuned/sdk enhances Playwright by making automation tasks more reliable and easier to implement.

Namespaces of @intuned/sdk

The @intuned/sdk is organized into several namespaces, each tailored for specific functionalities:

  • @intuned/sdk/ai-extractors: Provides powerful utilities for data and markdown extractions using AI.

  • @intuned/sdk/optimized-extractors: Enables the creation and execution of web extractors that are reliable and scalable.

  • @intuned/sdk/playwright: Offers additional helpers on top of Playwright to simplify common automation patterns.

  • @intuned/sdk/runtime: Includes helpers related to the Intuned runtime environment.

  • @intuned/sdk/files: Contains utilities to facilitate working with files.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Reliability

The Intuned SDK heavily utilizes AI, with many functions aimed at improving the reliability of browser automation tasks. This focus on AI helps make automation processes more robust and easier to develop.

Learning Resources

Using Playwright

If you are new to Playwright or want to deepen your understanding of how to use it for browser automation, we provide an overview in the Playwright section.

Detailed Documentation for @intuned/sdk

For comprehensive information on using the @intuned/sdk, including detailed documentation on the various namespaces and their helpers, refer to the section @intuned/sdk. This section covers everything you need to know about the SDK and how to leverage it for your automation tasks.