Intuned allows you to govern access to your resources by creating a workspace dedicated for you and your team upon sign up.


A workspace is the top level logical entity allows you to govern access control over your Intuned resources. Each workspace can have multiple users collaborating on multiple projects. In general, we recommend that a single company or team share a workspace. Intuned generates an unique ID for your workspace, and this ID will be needed to call any API.


For now, we only have one user role in Intuned (Admin). Very soon, we are rolling out the new roles - Editor and Viewer. Contact us for more info.

API access

To obtain API access you will need to generate an API key. API Keys are secret tokens used to authenticate your requests. They are unique to your workspace and should be kept confidential.

An API key will grant access to all resources within the Intuned Workspace. So anyone with access to an API key will be able to call the exposed APIs.

If an API Key is not been used it is recommended that you delete the key keep your accounts secure.