Intuned projects can be deployed with a click of a button! We deploy intuned projects to microVMs that we run on This allows us to run your projects in a secure and isolated environments.

As part of the Intuned.json settings, you can control the number of replicas and the size of the VMs to deploy. You can also control the soft and hard rate limits per machine.

Some of these settings might be limited based on the plan you are on. Contact us for more info

Updating the project settings

  1. Open the project in the IDE.
  2. Click on the Intuned.json file to update the settings.
  3. Change the replication settings as you need.

Deploying the project

  1. Open the project in the IDE.

  2. Click on the Deploy

    icon in the top right corner.


  • With Intuned, you only pay for machines uptime.
  • price/min is controlled by the size of the machine you pick.
  • by default, machines startup on new requests and stop after 5 mins post last request.