You can also use file data extraction as a standalone API. Checkout Standalone File APIs for more info.

Extracting data from files is a common operation when writing scrapers or building browser automations in general. Normally, this involves writing custom rules and regex to parse and extract data. This process can be error-prone and time-consuming.

At Intuned, we simplify this process by providing a utility that allow you to extract structured data from files. Here is the function reference for more info.


For more details, see extractStructuredDataFromFile.

How does this work?

In summary, we do the following:

  • Convert the file (selected pages) to markdown.
  • Extract structured data from the markdown using the provided schema.

How is the cost for Data Extraction calculated?

  • Cost for converting the file to markdown is calculated based on the number of pages in the file.
  • Cost for extracting structured data from the markdown is calculated based on the size of input data and the schema used.