The @intuned/sdk is automatically installed in each new Intuned project, providing a robust set of tools to facilitate browser automation.

Namespaces and Functions

The library is organized into various namespaces, each exposing a specific set of functions designed to address different aspects of browser automation:

  • @intuned/sdk/ai-extractors: Utilities for data and markdown extractions using AI.
  • @intuned/sdk/optimized-extractors: Tools for building and running web extractors reliably at scale.
  • @intuned/sdk/playwright: Additional helpers built on top of Playwright for simplifying common automation patterns.
  • @intuned/sdk/runtime: Functions related to the Intuned runtime environment.
  • @intuned/sdk/files: Utilities to facilitate file handling within automation projects.

AI Credits Usage

Some functions within the @intuned/sdk consume AI credits. This usage is expected, and users should plan accordingly. To manage and limit credit expenditure, you can use labels to control and monitor the usage effectively.

Use outside Intuned

The @intuned/sdk is designed to be used within the Intuned platform. Let us know if you have a use case to use it outside of Intuned.